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PSI is the creator of the LED Sensormat™ brand of products.

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Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) is a Canberra-based Australian company that has developed its fully patented SecureMat® technology into the LED Sensormat™ brand of products. The LED Sensormat™ is a novel electronic motion detector that detects, measures and analyses people movements. It works by passing light invisibly from an LED along a length of plastic optical fibre to a microprocessor embedded inside a sensor mat. Any pressure on the mat disturbs the light in the fibre and smart algorithms determine the nature of the movement.

The first two LED Sensormat™ products to be commercialised are the High Alert Sensor Mat security product and the Safety Alert Sensor Mat workplace health and safety product, both specifically designed for factories and warehouses. The third product in the LED Sensormat™ range is the Balance Mat – a breakthrough in balance measurement. The Balance Mat is designed to assist healthcare professionals working in aged care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sport to measure the balance of their clients.

Innovative, ingenious and enormously adaptable – that’s PSI’s LED Sensormat™! Using proprietary algorithms and Australian knowhow, PSI has taken an ordinary ‘dumb’ floor mat and turned it into a smart mat with a whole host of previously unimagined possibilities. The future holds a wealth of possibilities, with mats of every size, shape and description envisaged for the security, safety, aged care and healthcare sectors as well as for smart homes and the ‘Internet of Things.’