PSI develops three innovative security systems

Canberra-based Australian company Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) has now developed its patented SecureMat® technology into three separate security systems.

securemat-sandstone-buildingSecureMat® perimeter system

The SecureMat® perimeter system is designed to protect the perimeters of industrial sites, municipal areas and commercial buildings. It works best in areas that are dark or remote and difficult or costly to protect. It can be supplied in sizes of 2.4m metres by 100 metres and can extend up to a kilometre, with perimeter breaches pinpointed to within 25 metres. 

SecureMat® area systemPSI develops three innovative security systems

The SecureMat® area system is designed to protect relatively small areas of up to 500 square metres. It can be deployed permanently or temporarily as a stand-alone system or to enhance an existing security system.



PSI develops three innovative security systems SecureMat® container system

The SecureMat® container system is scaled down to the size of a shipping container doorway. It is designed to protect containers used by building and construction contractors for storing equipment and valuable items onsite overnight and on the weekend. The rubber sensor mat at the front of the container detects intruders attempting to open the door of the container and triggers an alarm. A switch box inside the container triggers another alarm when the door is opened. This system can be used to protect one or more containers.

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