Light bulb moment: a totally new approach required

Following consultation with new Business Development and Marketing Managers David Medhurst and David Bowman, PSI has realised that it needs to go back to the drawing board and change its whole conceptual approach.

“While the field trials carried out to date have demonstrated the value of the SecureMat® technology, a design review has revealed that PSI needs to overhaul its whole conceptual approach,” said PSI CEO Ian Bergman.

“Thanks to our two new, very experienced executives, and backed up by industry feedback obtained over a long period of time, we now understand that before it is ready for market we need to get the SecureMat® into a form that can be more easily integrated with and installed alongside other security products.”

Mr Bergman said that in order to be truly commercial the company would need to simplify the entire SecureMat® system. “Basically, we need to shrink the electronics, reduce the number of boxes, and make it so that the electronics can be switched over instead of having to replace the whole mat. But the main thing is that we need to modify the way the system plugs in to alarm panels so that it’s a whole lot less complicated.”

“In a nutshell, for the forseeable future our R&D program will be focused on miniaturisation of the electronics, on-device ‘plug & play’ component replacement and simplification of alarm panel integration,” Mr Bergman said.

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