Embedding the sensor in the mat

In an incredible feat of sustained design and innovation, PSI has now gone from an external sensor and a collection of clunky black boxes connected to each other by flying leads to a miniature sensor that can be tucked inside a corner of the sensor mat.

Once the electronics were miniaturised it was a relatively simple matter to insert them invisibly into a corner of the mat as an “embedded sensor” (see accompanying photograph). Having a sensor embedded into a mat containing optical fibre means that the sensor mat can be manufactured in two separate parts – the mat and the sensor. The incorporation of various industrial design techniques into the mat and sensor mean that the final insertion of the sensor is a quick and simple process. It also means that the sensor can be accessed easily for testing or replacement as required.

The result is a sensor mat with electronics and optical fibre embedded into it that are so unobtrusive that some people who have seen the new sensor mat have scratched their heads and wondered if there was anything inside the mat at all, leading PSI CEO Ian Bergman to quip that PSI “has taken an ordinary dumb floor mat and turned it into a smart mat with a whole host of previously unimagined possibilities!”

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