Focus refined to industrial prototype

Focus refined to industrial prototype

After analysing the results of a proof-of-concept project undertaken from February to December 2014, PSI has determined that the most immediately feasible application for commercialisation of the SecureMat® technology is the heavy-duty industrial sensor mat.

PSI CEO Ian Bergman stated, “We need to manufacture a product that is smaller, cheaper, more versatile and easier to handle than the large outdoor systems because the extensive and expensive manual labour and heavy earthmoving and other equipment needed to handle and install them is unsustainable for a small startup like PSI at this point in time.”

“Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time a prospective client might happen to need a novel security solution like the SecureMat® and convincing them to try it, we have decided to seriously refine our commercialisation strategy and focus on producing a sensor mat product that can be bought off the shelf in standard sizes for use inside factories and warehouses.”

“Through sheer luck – and a lot of legwork – we have been able to find a company in Sydney that is willing and able to collaborate with us on the development of a prototype,” Mr Bergman said. “General Mat Company is a very experienced manufacturer of industrial floor mats of all types, shapes and sizes for industrial and commercial clients across Australia. I am very excited about the prospect of working with them to develop a sustainable manufacturing method that can transform our technology into a completely marketable product.”

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