Falls risk assessment tool needed

The potential for the LED Sensormat™ analytics to be used in the aged care sector looks promising.

PSI Business Development Manager Bill Leane has been researching the possibility of the SecureMat® analytics being used in the aged care sector.

He has found that there is a real need for a sensor mat that can determine the falls risk of elderly people.

Research undertaken by PSI CEO Ian Bergman confirmed that preventable falls cost the Australian health sector $500 million a year.

He concluded that it was worthwhile investing the time and effort required to develop a new sensor mat product for falls risk assessment. PSI has now begun a research program to develop such a product.

“Obviously a heavy-duty industrial product connected to a security alarm panel is completely unsuitable for a healthcare product for use in the aged care sector,” Mr Bergman says.

“Such a new product will require a complete reworking of every aspect of the mat, including the manufacturing process, the materials used and the size, shape and structure of the mat as well as liaison with a whole new group of stakeholders.”

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