New product spawns new terminology

The design phase involving the development of the SecureMat® system into a commercial product that can be sold off the shelf has spawned some new terminology.

PSI CEO Ian Bergman explained, “Instead of an on-ground sensor mat that can be placed beside fences to detect intruders entering a monitored area, what we now have is an ‘LED motion detector’ that can be used in factories and warehouses for both security and safety reasons.”

“This is not only because a new product calls for new terminology. It is also because we have arrived at a more accurate understanding of what we’ve developed and where it fits within the suite of currently available electronic security products.”

He described how the light bulb moment came. “Previously we were always struggling to describe how different the SecureMat® system was from other motion detector products. Then I had a flash of inspiration. The SecureMat® is actually a motion detector product! The definition of a motion detector is that it detects movements and that’s what our sensor mat does. The only differences between it and other motion detectors is that it goes onto the floor instead of onto a fence or a wall and it detects all sorts of movements – the ones that are made by moving branches, birds, insects, small animals and the like – but it ignores them and only triggers an alarm when a person is moving on the mat.”

“That’s why I say it’s not only smart algorithms that we’ve created. What we’ve actually done is taken an ordinary dumb floor mat and turned it into a smart mat that can sense what’s happening on top of it.”

“The other, really important, thing that we’ve now understood is that it is an “LED” sensor mat because it works by sending light from a light-emitting diode through a mesh of plastic optical fibre to a microprocessor. Really, it’s blindingly obvious when you think about it. What we’ve produced is an “LED motion detector” – a completely new type of security and safety product. Honestly and truly, I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s taken us so long to come up with this new terminology. It’s an absolutely, perfectly accurate description of what we’ve developed. It’s even got its own three-letter acronym: LED. It’s brilliant!”

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