PSI and LED Sensormat™ professionally branded

New company branding for PSI

Perimeter Security Industry Pty Ltd has developed a new logo and branding. The previous red letters and full name reflecting the security of perimeters have been replaced with a simple logo that more accurately represents PSI’s position as an electronics company operating in the innovation space.

A tag line has been introduced that reflects the “unlimited possibilities” of the SecureMat® technology and also newly branded LED Sensormat™ products in the security, safety, transport and medical sectors as well as the Internet of Things. This concept feeds into a new website for PSI, with the underpinning concept being that instead of the previous focus on perimeters and security, the qualities of “persistence, solidity and innovation” now represent the company more accurately. The new PSI website is due to go online in late August or early September 2016.


Birth of LED Sensormat™ product brand

After several years of intensive research and development, PSI has now created the LED Sensormat™ brand of products.

Up until June 2016, when the product branding overhaul took place, PSI had struggled to come up with an accurate name for a product that, chameleon-like, kept changing its character according to the different uses that were being trialled. What was needed was an enduring name and product identity that could accurately describe the nature of the product and how it worked and be successfully used as the name of a whole range of future products.

In keeping with the security industry’s penchant for acronyms like PIRs for passive infrared beams and CCTV for closed circuit television, the term “LED” was prefixed to the “Sensormat” name to represent the fact that the product worked by sending light from a light-emitting diode along a length of plastic optical fibre inside the mat. The previously used two words, “sensor” and “mat” were closed up and given a capital “S” to delineate them from any other sensor mats that might be on the market now or in the future. As well as the new name “LED Sensormat™”, a logo was also developed to illustrate the concept of light passing from the LED through the mat. And so, after a six-years-and-four-months gestation period, the LED Sensormat™ was born!

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