Dizzy-making robot aids stability

PSI has now created a robot whose job it is to ensure consistent scores from mat to mat.

During University of Canberra testing of the Balance Mat it emerged that some sort of mechanised process was required to calibrate the mats.

“It’s important for all the mat scores to read identically,” explained Balance Mat General Manager Ian Bergman.

“Obviously a person can’t wobble exactly the same amount each time they stand on the mat, whereas a machine can. Our Chief Technical Officer Geoff Buchan has now designed and built a machine that can do the job.”

The robot Mr Buchan created is a mechanised device that sits in a pair of shoes and simulates the movement of a person with unstable balance.

“The robot can be adjusted so that the movements change to simulate someone who wobbles a little, a medium amount or a lot,” Mr Bergman said (see video).

The robot was instantly useful, with PSI Chief Research Engineer Dean Vey using it to adjust the software running the algorithms inside the mat and the University of Canberra researchers using it to test the consistency of scores between a number of Balance Mat products.

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