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Real Australian innovation – meet PSI

Who we are

Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) is a Canberra-based Australian company that has developed its patented SecureMat® technology into the LED Sensormat™ brand of products.

Our mission

Our mission is to research, develop and commercialise a range of products under the LED Sensormat™ brand.

Our vision

Our vision is to research and develop the LED Sensormat™ product range for use in the security, safety, aged care, healthcare and transport sectors as well as in smart homes and the Internet of Things.

For a comprehensive account of how PSI developed its patented SecureMat® technology into the LED Sensormat™ brand of products head to OUR STORY.

Awards, assistance & recognition

PSI is grateful to the Australian Government for its support under the Accelerating Commercialisation, Commercialisation Australia and R&D Tax Concession programs.

During many years spent researching and developing the SecureMat® technology and the LED Sensormat™ product brand, PSI has received the following assistance, recognition and awards:

  • finalist in the 2010 Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Awards for Innovation and Invention
  • winner of episode 23 of The New Inventors on ABC TV, 13 July 2011
  • Experienced Executives grant of $250,000 from Commercialisation Australia, AusIndustry, April 2012
  • Proof of Concept grant of $250,000 from Commercialisation Australia, AusIndustry, May 2014
  • selected as a finalist in the Shell/Australia Innovation Awards, November 2014
  • Accelerating Commercialisation grant of $295,000 from AusIndustry, September 2015.

Our strategic advisor

PSI is grateful for strategic advice provided by the KILN Incubator, an initiative of the ACT Government that assists local startup companies to grow and commercialise their technologies. KILN Incubator is part of the Canberra Innovation Network, to which PSI is grateful for providing a dedicated display area for the Balance Mat inside their Canberra CBD building.

University research partner

PSI is grateful to the University of Canberra (UC) Faculty of Health for their support in designing a research program to test the Balance Mat against other balance measurement systems.

Seniors research partner

PSI thanks the Canberra Council on the Ageing ACT (COTA) for their assistance in mobilising volunteers during testing of the Balance Mat healthcare product.

Our commercial partners

General Mat Company

General Mat Co

General Mat Company is PSI’s manufacturing partner and one of Australia’s leading suppliers of floor mats for industrial and commercial clients across Australia. PSI is grateful to General Mat Company for collaborating on the development of our security and safety sensor mats and for establishing a showroom for these products at their premises in Western Sydney.

Identity Matters

Identity Matters is PSI’s manufacturing partner for our healthcare sensor mat – the Balance Mat. During 2016 we partnered with Identity Matters to produce numerous prototype mats and eventually settled on the one that is used today.

Security firm assistance

PSI is grateful to the following security firms for their assistance in the installation and testing of the SecureMat technology at a range of sites and locations:

  • Southern Cross Protection at a range of industrial sites in Newcastle and Sydney
  • Paramax Integrated Systems Pty Ltd at a warehouse in Sydney
  • MRB Communications at a commercial installation in Canberra
  • Group 1 Security at warehouses and distribution centres in Western Sydney
  • ADT Security at Australian Parliament House in Canberra
  • ARA Security Services at an ACTEW AGL water storage facility in Canberra
  • Leisure Lawns Canberra for under-turf trial installations in Canberra
  • Yates Security at the General Mat Company showroom in Granville, Sydney
  • Direct Alarm Supplies at Hills Ltd demonstration facility in Canberra.