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Balance Mat a winner with seniors

The new Balance Mat product from PSI proved popular with almost 200 older Australians who were keen to test their balance at an exhibition in Canberra during Seniors Week 2017. On 23 March 2017, 179 people queued throughout the day to have their balance tested on the mat. All but six were aged over 60. The median age was 72 and the eldest was 95. Forty people, most with high scores (over 20) indicating poor balance signed up to participate in a research project to be conducted by the University of Canberra to validate the effectiveness of the Balance Mat against current balance testing methods.

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University to study Balance Mat

The University of Canberra (UC) has entered a research relationship with PSI under the Innovation Vouchers Program to test the Balance Mat against other methods of balance measurement. Associate Professor Jamie Gaida and Assistant Professor Wayne Spratford from the UC Faculty of Health will lead a study that will document the reproducibility of measurements obtained from the Balance Mat against existing measures of postural balance such as force platforms, motion analysis and the Lord Swaymeter or FallScreen test. The research will last for 50 minutes per participant and aim to provide independent validation of PSI’s Balance Mat against these other methods of measuring balance. Where possible this work will use participants from clinical populations with a high falls risk and aim to distinguish between

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PSI joins KILN Incubator

On 13 December 2016 PSI joined the KILN Incubator, an initiative of the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) and the ACT Government. The Canberra Innovation Network is a collaboration of innovators comprising Australian National University (ANU), University of Canberra (UC), University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra, Data61, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and CSIRO. The purpose of the KILN Incubator is to grow innovative Canberra companies. Under the agreement PSI has granted KILN 5% equity in the company in exchange for providing the business introductions, advice and support PSI needs to commercialise the Balance Mat.

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Balance Mat unveiled to Canberra community

What do LED sensor mats, virtual reality software, robots, drones, solar powered cars and game developers have in common? They all participated in the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN)’s annual innovation showcase on 7 December 2016. About 500 people attended the event at the Canberra Renewables Innovation Hub, of which PSI Chair Sylvia Tulloch is a Board Member. PSI provided a live demonstration of the sensor mat, now dubbed “the Balance Mat,” to 100 prominent Canberrans, including ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr (pictured with PSI CEO Ian Bergman). The showcase provided an opportunity for participants to meet and engage with a cross-section of Canberra’s innovation, entrepreneurship and business communities.

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Sensor mat impresses aged care experts

On 30 November 2016 PSI ran a demonstration of the LED Sensormat™ for healthcare professionals. The demonstration, which took place at the Council on the Ageing ACT (COTA) premises in Hughes, was attended by representatives of BUPA and IRT Group aged care facilities, the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) and the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). PSI Business Development Manager Bill Leane discussed the analytics capabilities of the LED Sensormat with attendees while PSI CEO Ian Bergman set up and demonstrated the product. During the meeting a frail elderly gentleman attending a COTA class agreed to test his balance on the mat for comparison with the healthcare professionals. The gentleman’s score was 60 (very high), indicating he had very poor balance. He reported

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PSI partners with COTA to test LED Sensormat™ product

On Wednesday 12 October 2016 PSI and the Council on the Ageing ACT (COTA) agreed to work together to see whether the LED Sensormat™ could be used to measure the balance of older people. Rather than run special events, it was agreed to piggyback on things that were already happening at the COTA premises. The first occasion on which the sensor mat was tested was after a heart health exercise class involving 17 participants who all stood on the mat. The results were promising, and seemed to indicate that the mat was measuring the balance of the people. Most of the people who stood on the mat had low scores, indicating good balance. A handful of people had higher scores, suggesting that they had

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Analytics tested for balance measurement

Since July 2016 PSI has carried out tests to assess whether the LED Sensormat™ can be used to monitor the movement of a person standing on the mat and whether this equates to measuring their balance. “These are obviously two different things,” PSI CEO Ian Bergman explains. “When we started out the fact that the line wiggled when somebody stood on the mat didn’t necessarily mean it was going to have any relationship to their balance.” “Over the past three months we progressively developed prototypes and tested them with different people and became more and more confident that the wiggly line correlated with a person’s balance.” “By standing different people on it with different levels of balance – for example, a fit, young, healthy

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Falls risk assessment tool needed

The potential for the LED Sensormat™ analytics to be used in the aged care sector looks promising. PSI Business Development Manager Bill Leane has been researching the possibility of the SecureMat® analytics being used in the aged care sector. He has found that there is a real need for a sensor mat that can determine the falls risk of elderly people. Research undertaken by PSI CEO Ian Bergman confirmed that preventable falls cost the Australian health sector $500 million a year. He concluded that it was worthwhile investing the time and effort required to develop a new sensor mat product for falls risk assessment. PSI has now begun a research program to develop such a product. “Obviously a heavy-duty industrial product connected to a

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Official launch of LED Sensormat™ product brand

LED Sensormat™ launched at key Melbourne security expo PSI successfully launched its LED Sensormat™ brand of products as a “completely new kind of motion detector” at the Security 2016 trade show in Melbourne from Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 July. The Security Exhibition & Conference is the Australian security industry’s main annual event. “It was an opportunity to get our first two products in front of the people who matter in terms of installing security and safety technology,” PSI Chief Executive Officer Ian Bergman said. He attended the exhibition alongside Bill Leane, PSI’s Business Development Manager, and several representatives of NESS, PSI’s new national distributor of LED Sensormat™ products. Read PSI News article here.

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PSI and LED Sensormat™ professionally branded

New company branding for PSI Perimeter Security Industry Pty Ltd has developed a new logo and branding. The previous red letters and full name reflecting the security of perimeters have been replaced with a simple logo that more accurately represents PSI’s position as an electronics company operating in the innovation space. A tag line has been introduced that reflects the “unlimited possibilities” of the SecureMat® technology and also newly branded LED Sensormat™ products in the security, safety, transport and medical sectors as well as the Internet of Things. This concept feeds into a new website for PSI, with the underpinning concept being that instead of the previous focus on perimeters and security, the qualities of “persistence, solidity and innovation” now represent the company more

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