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Focus refined to industrial prototype

Focus refined to industrial prototype After analysing the results of a proof-of-concept project undertaken from February to December 2014, PSI has determined that the most immediately feasible application for commercialisation of the SecureMat® technology is the heavy-duty industrial sensor mat. PSI CEO Ian Bergman stated, “We need to manufacture a product that is smaller, cheaper, more versatile and easier to handle than the large outdoor systems because the extensive and expensive manual labour and heavy earthmoving and other equipment needed to handle and install them is unsustainable for a small startup like PSI at this point in time.” “Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time a prospective client might happen to need a novel security solution like the SecureMat® and convincing them to try

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PSI awarded QA certification

The PSI management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2008, the Australian and New Zealand standard for quality management. On 3 December 2014 Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd received certificate no. AU000856-1 from Bureau Veritas Certification confirming its ISO 9001 status. Since then the company has undergone annual audits to maintain its QA certification.

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SecureMat® notches up yet another patent

On 4 November 2014, Perimeter Security Industries (PSI) was awarded a United States patent for its novel SecureMat® intruder detection system. This follows three other patents PSI has been awarded: an Australian patent on 25 November 2010, a South African patent on 22 April 2012 and a United Kingdom patent on 20 August 2014. A patent application in Europe is progressing. Read media release here.

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Value Proposition covers PSI & SecureMat®

The March 2014 edition of Commercialisation Australia’s Value Proposition magazine has featured the SecureMat® technology’s road to market in a realistic way given that PSI is a “startup that started starting up” way back in 2010 and hasn’t finished yet. In an article entitled Search for Security, PSI CEO Ian Bergman is quoted as saying, “When it comes to anything to do with electronics, the best approach developers can take is to assume that everything will take longer, and ultimately prove to be far more challenging, than they could ever anticipate.” Read article here.

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Alarm panel “connect-ability” achieved

The goal of enabling the SecureMat® technology to connect to a standard alarm panel has been achieved thanks to a sustained body of research and development work undertaken by Dr David Austin (pictured connecting the electronics to an alarm panel). This essential step on the path to commercialisation coincided with work to shrink and embed the electronics module into a corner of the sensor mat, a project Dr Austin and PSI CEO and Product Design Director Ian Bergman began collaborating on in 2013.

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Embedding the sensor in the mat

In an incredible feat of sustained design and innovation, PSI has now gone from an external sensor and a collection of clunky black boxes connected to each other by flying leads to a miniature sensor that can be tucked inside a corner of the sensor mat. Once the electronics were miniaturised it was a relatively simple matter to insert them invisibly into a corner of the mat as an “embedded sensor” (see accompanying photograph). Having a sensor embedded into a mat containing optical fibre means that the sensor mat can be manufactured in two separate parts – the mat and the sensor. The incorporation of various industrial design techniques into the mat and sensor mean that the final insertion of the sensor is a

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SecureMat® concept proved

Demonstration projects funded by the Australian Government under a $250,000 proof-of-concept grant have proved that the SecureMat® technology works in three settings: a large outdoor security system to protect large perimeters, an indoor system to monitor and report on people movements in real time and a heavy-duty safety system for factories. Three different systems based on the SecureMat® technology were designed, manufactured and trialled with industry participants, with test results being recorded, reviews conducted, technical reports prepared and cost-benefit analyses undertaken. Security system for large outdoor areas The first proof-of-concept demonstration project was a security system for large outdoor areas. It was installed around an ACTEW AGL water storage tower at Deakin Reservoir, Canberra. The project involved laying down a series of 30 linked

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PSI miniaturises the sensor

Perimeter Security Industries has now successfully miniaturised the SecureMat® sensor so that it can be embedded inside the sensor mat. A number of prototypes were designed and tested during 2013, culminating in the new sensor (pictured) that is about the same size as a postage stamp. The new “embedded sensor” will replace the previous system of black boxes – one for each mat and one for the “controller” – that were cumbersome to lug around and difficult to install.

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Finding the right type of mat

In response to feedback from security industry stakeholders to the effect that the landscaping mesh containing the SecureMat® optical fibre needed to be covered in some way, and especially for indoor systems, over the past six months PSI has been researching commercially available floor mats or floor matting material that can be used to manufacture a sensor mat product for various indoor and outdoor situations. PSI CEO Ian Bergman said, “We have been through a quite protracted process of trial and error. Many mats that are readily available off the shelf have looked promising initially but when we tried to put the optical fibre into them without using heat – given that it virtually melts at temperatures above 70 degrees – it seems like

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Alarm panel “connect-ability” needed

In response to industry feedback, PSI has embarked on a new set of research and development activity aimed at enabling the SecureMat® system to be connected to a security alarm panel. It follows a strategic design review undertaken in February 2013 that considered industry feedback to the effect that the standalone SecureMat® technology with its separate controller box and alarm system that PSI had developed were insufficient to meet industry needs. For the industry to embrace the SecureMat® system it would have to move from its current configuration to a simpler product that could be connected to the type of security alarm panel that most of the industry were using already. This would enable the SecureMat® technology to be used as one of a

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