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Shrinking the electronics

With support from the R&D Tax Credit, an Australian Government program that refunds 45 per cent of the money a company spends on research and development, PSI has begun a project to miniaturise the SecureMat® sensor. Instead of inventor Dean Vey’s original system comprising a collection of black boxes each roughly the size of a small briefcase (pictured), the goal is to shrink the electronics and develop a much smaller, more compact iteration of the SecureMat® system. Read AusIndustry’s profile of PSI here

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Developing large-scale systems

During the year PSI has developed a range of large outdoor perimeter systems and configurations. See SecureMat® System Combinations here and Quickstart Guide here.

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Developing small-scale systems

Over the past year PSI has been busy developing, installing and testing a variety of small-scale systems to protect buildings, doorways and storage containers and experimenting with different covering materials, including artificial lawn, carpet, heavy-duty PVC, mulch and weed matting.

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SecureMat® installed at Australian Parliament House

The SecureMat® system has been quietly installed under mulch in several garden beds on the roof of Australian Parliament House, Canberra. PSI’s SecureMat® system formed part of a suite of complementary security technologies chosen by the Department of Parliamentary Services to be installed in that location. Full commissioning of the system is expected to take place in September 2012 after three months of testing onsite. Read PSI News here.

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Perimeter Security Industries welcomes two new executives

Perimeter Security Industries has received a $250,000 Experienced Executives grant from Commercialisation Australia – an Australian Government initiative assisting innovative companies to convert ideas into successful commercial ventures. The grant will enable the company to employ two experienced executives: David Medhurst as Marketing and Business Development Manager and David Bowman as Manufacturing Manager. Read media release here.

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Light bulb moment: a totally new approach required

Following consultation with new Business Development and Marketing Managers David Medhurst and David Bowman, PSI has realised that it needs to go back to the drawing board and change its whole conceptual approach. “While the field trials carried out to date have demonstrated the value of the SecureMat® technology, a design review has revealed that PSI needs to overhaul its whole conceptual approach,” said PSI CEO Ian Bergman. “Thanks to our two new, very experienced executives, and backed up by industry feedback obtained over a long period of time, we now understand that before it is ready for market we need to get the SecureMat® into a form that can be more easily integrated with and installed alongside other security products.” Mr Bergman said

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Testing a large-scale outdoor system

In April 2012 a 60-metre-long SecureMat® perimeter system was installed for an extensive period of outdoor testing.   Installing this large-scale system was a major process, with the grass onsite first having to be dug up and new soil put down and compacted before the SecureMat® perimeter system could be installed. The system was in the form of two mats – one with the electronics encased in weed matting and the other without any covering of the fibre-optic mesh – beside each other. They each had to be rolled out, laid down and finally covered with artificial turf and connected to a power source. Several technical challenges identified Having such a large-scale system tested for this period of time allowed PSI to assess the

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SecureMat® undergoes field testing

Perimeter Security Industries has now developed and installed two prototype demonstration systems: one inside the perimeter of a railway museum in the Canberra suburb of Kingston and the other inside the doorway of an industrial warehouse site at Newcastle, New South Wales. The Newcastle warehouse installation was undertaken in collaboration with Southern Cross Protection in line with PSI’s marketing strategy for the product. This strategy was developed in 2010 when PSI identified that the path to market for the SecureMat® technology would be through security firms that wanted to add an extra string to their bow beyond the security services and products they were already supplying. PSI is therefore developing and consolidating relationships with security firms, the aim being to gain their confidence to

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SecureMat wins on The New Inventors

PSI has been recognised on the popular ABC TV show, The New Inventors, for the unique qualities of the SecureMat® intruder detection system. On behalf of PSI, SecureMat® inventor Dean Vey accepted a trophy for the winning entry. As well as being unanimously awarded the winner of the 13 July episode of the program by the panel of three judges, the SecureMat® system also won The People’s Choice award for that week. Read PSI News article here. [Link to item on ABC website (same as link on current www.perimetersecurity.com)]

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PSI develops three innovative security systems

Canberra-based Australian company Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) has now developed its patented SecureMat® technology into three separate security systems. SecureMat® perimeter system The SecureMat® perimeter system is designed to protect the perimeters of industrial sites, municipal areas and commercial buildings. It works best in areas that are dark or remote and difficult or costly to protect. It can be supplied in sizes of 2.4m metres by 100 metres and can extend up to a kilometre, with perimeter breaches pinpointed to within 25 metres.  SecureMat® area system The SecureMat® area system is designed to protect relatively small areas of up to 500 square metres. It can be deployed permanently or temporarily as a stand-alone system or to enhance an existing security system.  

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