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The Balance Mat enables healthcare professionals to measure the balance of their clients during a simple 60-second test.

Preventable falls are a major issue facing Australia’s ageing population, causing untold trauma for those affected and imposing a significant financial burden on the health sector.

Many factors are responsible for falls and related injuries. However, leading researcher Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) has observed: “poor balance is the cause of the majority of falls in older adults.”

The Balance Mat is a breakthrough in balance measurement. It offers aged care providers and other healthcare professionals the ability to measure the balance of their clients during a simple 60-second test.

The Balance Mat is designed primarily as an integral part of falls risk screening, assessment and prevention under the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care’s national best practice Falls Guidelines.

It is a 70cm wide by 60cm deep sensor mat that is only 1.3cm high, making it lightweight and easy to use for healthcare professionals and safe, comfortable and non-threatening for clients, especially older people, to stand on.

In aged care facilities and hospitals the Balance Mat can be used to screen and assess a person’s balance, enabling prevention measures to be taken. It can also be used to monitor people’s balance over time, since poor or deteriorating balance is an indicator of heightened falls risk – once again enabling prevention measures to be taken and triggering the need for medical consultation.

The Balance Mat can also be used as a dynamic biofeedback tool in physiotherapy and rehabilitation settings, on the sportsfield as a rapid indicator of suspected concussion and clinically to aid in the diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome.


A Balance Mat score of 0 to 10 accompanied by a relatively straight line on the graph is a normal result for someone with good balance. A score of 10 to 25 with a slightly jagged line is typical for a person who is in reasonable health but has some difficulty maintaining their balance. A score of 25+ with a jagged line is considerably higher than normal and indicates a definite balance problem.

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