Churches of Christ Care embraces Balance Mat

Churches of Christ Care in Queensland is set to demonstrate the value of the Balance Mat at Marana Gardens Aged Care Service in Southport, Queensland. On 1 March 2018 Churches of Christ Physiotherapist Scott Rissmann (pictured) took delivery of the organisation’s first Balance Mat. This followed a meeting between Balance Mat’s General Manager Ian Bergman and Churches of Christ Care’s Allied Health Team Leader/Physiotherapist Craig Wilson. The plan is to use the Balance Mat to monitor changes in residents’ health status over time in conjunction with exercise programs, initially at Marana Gardens, with scope to emulate the program at other Churches of Christ Care facilities.  

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Political endorsement, stakeholder support

PSI’s new Balance Mat invention has been endorsed by Dr David Gillespie, a federal politician with thirty years of experience as a general practitioner and the former Assistant Minister for Health. Dr Gillespie provided a showcase opportunity for the Balance Mat inside Australian Parliament House, Canberra on 14 February 2018 as part of a health policy forum. In appreciation of the Council on the Ageing ACT (COTA ACT)’s long-standing commitment to the testing and development of the Balance Mat, COTA ACT President Ewan Brown (pictured, right, with Dr Gillespie (centre) and Balance Mat General Manager Ian Bergman (left) was invited to the health policy forum as a distinguished guest. Dr Gillespie recognised the importance of the Balance Mat as a breakthrough in balance measurement

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Networking inspires young inventors

PSI Chair Sylvia Tulloch and CEO Ian Bergman were delighted to mentor young inventors at a Questacon event in the national capital on 17 January 2018. Ms Tulloch and Ms Bergman attended a “networking night” as mentors to 25 high school students from across Australia who attended the week-long National Questacon Invention Convention. They demonstrated the Balance Mat balance measurement tool for healthcare professionals at the networking night held at the CBR Innovation Network space. The Balance Mat fascinated the young people who stood on it, moved around and saw how their movements were reflected on the graphical interface.

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