LED Sensormat Possibilities for future R&D
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Provided we can procure extra funding for further research and development activities and projects, PSI can adapt the LED Sensormat™ to fulfil limitless market needs.

Proof of concept

The commercialisation of the LED Sensormat™ as a security and safety system inside factories and warehouses followed a successful proof-of-concept project funded by Commercialisation Australia that was undertaken during 2014–15. To see more, go to OUR STORY.

What is the LED Sensormat™?

The LED Sensormat™ is a unique brand of electronic security products comprising a sensor mat that can be adapted to fit a single doorway, a small or large area or an extended perimeter. It works by sending light along a fibre-optic cable woven into the mat. Whenever the light travelling through the fibre is disturbed by somebody standing or walking on the mat an alarm is sent to an alarm panel. The LED Sensormat™ also works in reverse to detect somebody lifting an object off the mat.

Back to the future

PSI’s judgement is that the two LED Sensormat™ products we have developed for factories and warehouses are the most feasible models for commercialisation. To pursue other possibilities that we started experimenting with years ago will require a person, company or government agency with the appetite and budget to come forward and offer funding assistance. Some of the unlimited possibilities are listed below.

SecureMat® concept proved

Large outdoor systems

PSI’s proof-of-concept project demonstrated that the SecureMat® technology can be used to protect large outdoor areas containing infrastructure such as water storage tanks. The system took the form of plastic optical fibre inside lightweight plastic mesh that was placed around the water tank, with cables leading to black boxes full of electronics. The project made it clear that it would take considerably more research and development to deliver solutions such as this to protect water storage facilities across Australia. We are more than willing to progress this option so long as the funds can be found. If you have a water storage facility that you would like protected please contact PSI


Telecommunications data centres and buildings

The project also demonstrated that the SecureMat® technology can be used to monitor movements inside telecommunications data centres and buildings. We installed a system under carpet inside the Canberra Innovation Centre – a 24-hour resource centre where people come and go to use facility computers. Our technology was able to provide the managers of the centre with data that told them when people were using the facility and its computers. The system now plays a part in demonstrating ‘innovation’ to visitors. Once again, we are more than willing to progress this option if the right project happens to come along.

Safety alert sensor mat

Factories and warehouses

The High Alert Sensor Mat and Safety Alert Sensor Mat to enhance security and safety inside factories and warehouses were the first two fully fledged products to come out of the proof-of-concept project. For the first time the SecureMat® technology was placed inside a heavy-duty industrial floor mat. Other innovations were that the electronics had been shrunk from a system of black boxes to the size of a postage stamp. The controller had been deleted in favour of connecting to standard security alarm panels, making the product much easier for the security industry to install and use. The size of the mats was standardised as well, making it easier to deploy in factories and warehouses. After six years of research and development the LED Sensormat™ brand of products was born!


The LED Sensormat™ can be installed under any doorway mat, creating an electronic sensor system that detects footsteps when people move into, out of or about your premises. The High Alert Sensor Mat and Safety Alert Sensor Mat for factories and warehouses do just that.



The LED Sensormat™ can be used to monitor people movements along corridors and detect people who stray into restricted areas. This possibility is already possible too. See the High Alert Sensor Mat and Safety Alert Sensor Mat for factories and warehouses.

Carpet tiles


The LED Sensormat™ can be installed under carpet tiles, carpet, vinyl tiles and many other floor coverings. This possibility will take some more research and development to make it happen. It is the glue and the safety aspect that are important here. Ensuring that the mat is stable and doesn’t slip are going to be very important.

Galleries & embassies

valuable objects

The LED Sensormat™ can work in reverse because it detects any change in the light flowing through the mat. When it is placed under a valuable object such as a sculpture or a piece of pottery and an unsuspecting potential thief picks it up this triggers an alarm. We know this works. We have tested it with a stubby holder half full of beer!



Having the LED Sensormat™ on a rooftop and configuring it to sound a loud alarm complete with a flashing light and back-to-base monitoring service will detect and deter criminals attempting to break into premises through the roof. This one has massive potential for banks and other secure premises. Once again, we would need considerable funding to make it happen.

Commercial spaces

commercial spaces

The LED Sensormat™ can monitor and log where people go inside a building to protect against intellectual property or warehouse theft and commercial espionage. We know this works too – see the Canberra Innovation Centre project above.

Smart home

smart homes

As well as personal and property protection the LED Sensormat™ can be used in the smart home to control lights and appliances. This is also going to take some development to make happen. See our ‘snapshot’ about the smart home and the Internet of Things.

Dangerous sites


The LED Sensormat™ can be used to detect and deter people who recklessly ignore public safety warnings and enter contaminated or dangerous sites. It is just a matter of working out where to put it, in what form and whether there is power and an alarm panel readily available.



The LED Sensormat™ can be installed under artificial grass or garden beds covered by mulch to a depth of 50mm and in virtually any garden area. Further research and development on the type of covering and the training of gardeners working near it would need to be done to make this possibility a reality.

Hazardous materials

storage of hazards

At industrial sites, chemicals, explosives, gas bottles and hazardous materials can be stored on The LED Sensormat™ to identify any unauthorised access or movements. This is like the ‘Galleries & embassies’ possibility above – where the technology works in reverse to detect an object being moved off the mat. Tragically, these days it is not only criminals but potential terrorists that security firms and products are protecting against.



The ability of the LED Sensormat™ to stop criminals breaking out of a correctional facility is another unexplored possibility for this innovative product. Once again, we would be more than willing to work with government or private sector stakeholders interested in making this scenario a reality.

Utility vehicles


No tradesperson can afford to have their tools stolen from the back of their vehicle. The LED Sensormat™ can be adapted to send an alert to a mobile device when objects are lifted or removed from a utility tray. This possibility is another one that will take an enlightened person or company with an appetite and budget for ingenious ideas to get involved.

Storage containers

storage containers

Even though a shipping container used for storage of tools and valuable objects may be locked, locks like simple padlocks can be easily broken. The LED Sensormat™ can give stored goods and equipment an added measure of protection. This can be done right now with the High Alert Sensor Mat if it is put inside the container.

Building sites

building sites

The LED Sensormat™ can be used in strategic locations on building sites to safeguard trucks, earthmoving machinery, tools and equipment overnight and on weekends. Once again, this can be done right now but it needs to be funded sufficiently and coordinated carefully by the building and security contractors to make it happen.

Swimming pools

swimming pools

This possibility is courtesy of a judge on ABC TV’s The New Inventors. Even though we were spruiking a security system on that show, they thought it would be ideal for putting around swimming pools to alert parents when a little one got through a pool gate and made their way towards the water. Once again, this is another possibility that would take a lot more research and development to do.