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Our team

Sylvia Tulloch, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Non-Executive Chair

Sylvia Tulloch is a co-founder and seed investor of PSI. With a background in materials science, she began her career in Defence electronics and has since played a major role in the Australian renewable energy sector. Sylvia was the founding Managing Director of ASX-listed solar technology company, Dyesol Ltd. She has taken two companies to initial public offering (IPO) and is a seed investor in a number of startup companies and a respected advisor on several government commercialisation and technology committees.

Ian Bergman, B.Sc. (Hons)

Chief Executive Officer & Product Development Director

Ian Bergman is a co-founder and seed investor of PSI. After beginning his career in the Australian Department of Industry, in various capacities he went on to help many Australian companies to take early technology concepts through the R&D phase to final production. As CEO of PSI, Ian has built a large network of security product system installers, integrators and distributors in support of the company’s goals of developing and commercialising the SecureMat technology.

Michael McCann, B.A.

Non-Executive Director

Mike McCann is a non-executive Director of PSI. He has been creating and commercialising new technology since the early 1990s and holds patents in wireless technology. He is Managing Director of renewable energy business Uniflow Power Ltd and consults in the energy and innovation space as Director of Thinkwell Australia.

Bill Leane, B.Agr.Econ. (Hons)

Business Development Manager

Bill Leane

Bill Leane is a business economist with 30 years of experience in marketing, project design and implementation, pricing and business strategy. As PSI’s Business Development Manager he is responsible for developing strategies and systems to establish market channels and support supply chain partners and clients.

Margaret Metz, B.A., M.A.

Marketing Manager

Margaret Metz specialises in promoting businesses and government departments to their target markets and audiences. Before becoming PSI’s Marketing Manager she worked in the areas of environmental management, sustainability, police and overseas aid.

Geoff Buchan

Chief Technical Officer

Geoff Buchan is an industrial engineer with a background as a fitter and turner. His experience encompasses computer programming, industrial electronics, automation control, computer numerical control, custom injection moulding and time and motion studies. As PSI’s Chief Technical Officer, Geoff is responsible for all aspects of the production of LED Sensormat systems.

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