After several years of intensive research and development, PSI has successfully shaped its SecureMat® technology into the LED Sensormat™ brand of products.

The LED Sensormat™ is a completely new type of motion detector that can detect, measure and analyse people movements.

Based on the concept of micro-processing technology and plastic optical fibre embedded inside a mat or matting, the product connects to an alarm panel by security cable or wirelessly and is only triggered by people movements.

perimeter security

Lower costs

Whereas other security products can be regularly triggered by false alarms and result in high callout fees, the LED Sensormat™ offers reliable detection of intruders with no false alarms.

A major advantage is that it can be used in conjunction with other types of security technologies to help verify whether an alarm is real or not. By reducing the false alarm rate, the monitoring, callout and response costs are also reduced.

Two LED Sensormat™ products for factories & warehouses

The first two LED Sensormat™ products to be commercialised are specifically designed for factories and warehouses to:

  • protect property and assets from theft and vandalism
  • safeguard workers from injury or death
  • restrict access to secure areas.

The security model of the product – the High Alert Sensor Mat for factories and warehouses – is a robust, heavy-duty black industrial sensor mat that is invisible to people who don’t know it’s there and especially suited to protecting facilities from thieves and intruders.


The safety model – the Safety Alert Sensor Mat for factories and warehouses – has all the same qualities as the security model except for the way it is used and its yellow edges.

It is more likely to sound a loud alarm to warn people they are getting too close to dangerous machinery or, like the security model, it can be set up to operate silently.


Both products are made of slip-resistant, industrial-grade PVC, connect to any standard alarm panel and use smart algorithms to analyse movements on the mat.

No false alarms!

Perhaps the biggest competitive advantage of the LED Sensormat™ is that it ignores irrelevant disturbances and is only triggered by people movements.

Smart algorithms in the firmware ignore disturbances caused by insects, rodents, birds, wind and rain that can so often trigger false alarms in other types of security technology – leading to 100% detection rates, no false alarms and lower operating costs. And that’s good for both the security firms competing for contracts and installing the product and their clients who are footing the bills.

The unique combination of reliable detection of intruders, with no false alarms, at an affordable price, is completely new to the market.

More competitive advantages

Other advantages of the LED Sensormat™ are that it:

  • is affordable, robust and easy to install
  • is completely mobile and can be easily lifted and moved inside buildings or to other sites
  • connects to a standard alarm panel by security cable or wireless transmission
  • operates with 100% detection rates and no false alarms
  • operates simply and safely, with no moving parts
  • has low service needs and easy sensor replacement
  • is readily calibrated to suit different situations and locales
  • complements other security technologies by monitoring blind spots
  • can be easily scaled up or fabricated to suit customer needs
  • is safe to operate with low voltage power requirements and no dangerous components
  • can be adapted to mains, battery or solar power
  • is in step with modern asset equivalent technology in its digital interface
  • can be formatted to provide analytics as online data logs and real-time reporting
  • is upgradable to deliver a service component with analysis and interpretation of data
  • comes with a one-year warranty and a money-back guarantee (less courier and handling charges) during the first month if you are not completely satisfied with your LED Sensormat™ product.

Don’t delay – buy your first LED Sensormat™ today!

You can click on these links for more information about the High Alert Sensor Mat and the Safety Alert Sensor Mat or you can download our information leaflet and order form to buy your LED Sensormat™ product.