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The LED Sensormat™ complies with the Australian standards and regulations governing products of its type.

Australian standard 2201.3

The LED Sensormat™ complies with Australian Standard AS 2201.3-1991 Intruder Alarm Systems. The relevant section of AS 2201.3-1991 is:

  • 4.9.1 Circuit configuration The circuit configuration of pressure mats shall be —
    (a) a closed-circuit device.
    (b) an open-circuit device in which each internal conductor is monitored as part of a double-pole closed circuit; or
    (c) an open-circuit device with a single conductor closed-circuit monitoring loop within its enclosure.
  • 4.9.2 Construction of the mat The outer surfaces of the pressure mat shall be made of a material which offers flexibility and resistance to abrasion at least equivalent to plasticised PVC sheet 0.3 mm thick. The construction of the detector shall be such that the mat returns readily to its normal state after the removal of a load initiating an alarm condition. Provision shall be made for fixings to prevent movement after installation.
  • 4.9.3 Sensitivity An alarm condition shall be initiated when a load of 10 kg is applied normal to the surface of the pressure mat by means of a solid circular test disc of diameter 60 ±5 mm to the stated operational area of the mat. When tested in accordance with Paragraph I4 of Appendix I, an alarm shall not be initiated by any load less than 2 kg.
LED Sensor Mat stack

Regulatory compliance

In Australia the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issues a regulatory compliance mark (RCM) and supplier code number (SCN) to electronic devices. All PSI’s electronics have an RCM and an SCN.

The RCM and SCN on LED Sensormat™ products demonstrate that PSI’s electronics comply with Australian technical standards for electronic devices and establish a traceable link between the device and PSI. The RCM effectively replaces the previous C-tick certification and indicates a device’s compliance with applicable state and territory electrical equipment safety requirements.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) is an accredited company for ISO 9001. This means that the management system underpinning the manufacture of PSI’s LED Sensormat™ products is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, the Australian and New Zealand standard for quality management. The company achieved ISO 9001 accreditation from Bureau Veritas on 3 December 2014 and undergoes annual audits to maintain its QA accreditation.

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