One Idea One idea transformed into patented SecureMat® technology
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Innovative, ingenious and enormously adaptable – that’s PSI’s SecureMat® technology!

SecureMat® technology

Using proprietary algorithms and Australian know-how, PSI has taken an ordinary ‘dumb’ floor mat and turned it into a ‘smart’ sensor mat with a whole host of previously unimagined possibilities.

SecureMat® technology uses light flowing through a sensor mat to detect any movement on the mat. Light from an LED (light-emitting diode) inside the mat passes along a length of plastic optical fibre to a microprocessor embedded in the mat.

Any pressure on the mat causes disturbances in the light and enables the microprocessor to determine what is causing the disturbances.

Monitors people movements

Perimeter Security Industries Technology


Smart algorithms in the firmware ignore disturbances caused by insects, birds, small animals, falling objects, wind and rain but if the disturbance is caused by a person moving on the mat this triggers an alarm.

Whereas other technologies can struggle to distinguish between movements of human and other origin, leading to regular false alarms and high callout rates, SecureMat® technology operates with 100% detection rates and no false alarms.

Connects to an alarm panel

The sensor mat can be connected to an alarm panel through a security cable or wirelessly and it can work in conjunction with other kinds of technology like passive infrared (PIR) beams and microwave, ultrasonic and video camera.

perimeter security industries technologyAlarm signals from the sensor mat can be sent to a back-to-base monitoring service or computer. Alarms can be set to work silently for covert security operation or loudly for overt safety operation.

Alternatively, information can be used for analytics to measure and analyse people movements on the mat.

Mats incorporating SecureMat® technology can also be placed under objects to detect when an object is moved, removed or stolen.

 Full patents

PSI has secured a number of patents for its novel SecureMat® technology intruder detection system:

  • Australian patent no. 2009311054 granted on 25 November 2010
  • South African patent no. 2011/05306 granted on 22 April 2012
  • United Kingdom patent no. GB2473785 granted on 20 August 2014
  • United States patent no. 8,879,874 granted on 4 November 2014.

An embedded sensor sends an alarm signal when an intruder steps on the mat.

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Ongoing R&D

The future holds a wealth of possibilities for PSI, with mats of every size, shape and description envisaged for the security, safety, transport, data analytics, clinical and aged care sectors as well as for smart homes and the Internet of Things.