Analytics tested for balance measurement

Since July 2016 PSI has carried out tests to assess whether the LED Sensormat™ can be used to monitor the movement of a person standing on the mat and whether this equates to measuring their balance.

“These are obviously two different things,” PSI CEO Ian Bergman explains. “When we started out the fact that the line wiggled when somebody stood on the mat didn’t necessarily mean it was going to have any relationship to their balance.”

“Over the past three months we progressively developed prototypes and tested them with different people and became more and more confident that the wiggly line correlated with a person’s balance.”

“By standing different people on it with different levels of balance – for example, a fit, young, healthy person compared to some older people who knew they were struggling with their balance – it allowed us to slowly get confident that the mat was measuring people’s balance.

“We’d stand a fit person on the sensor mat. Their score would be fairly low and the line would be non-wiggly. Then older people who were aware they had balance problems stood on the mat and they had higher scores and a far more wiggly line.”

“It gives me enormous confidence to persevere with the development and refinement of the product. All of our testing over the coming months will therefore be aimed at building up test data with a range of people of varying ages and health conditions and starting to see whether the results match expectations.”

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